Who We Are

Wilson Music Academy started with Dow Wilson 35 years ago when he taught his first guitar student. He was attending college at the University of Central Oklahoma in Edmond and began teaching a few students to help with college expenses. After he graduated college and began a full time job he stopped teaching on a regular basis for a time. His daughter Tannah, at the age of 4, began taking piano lessons from her grandmother, Rita Wilson, who has her music degree from Oklahoma University. She is the real reason Wilson Music Academy even exists. She has taught all 3 of Dow & Liz’s kids (Tannah, Chloe, & Cade) piano and continues to be a big part of their lives. She teaches piano and voice in McCurtain, OK as well as at our studio in Poteau once a week.

Liz Wilson is the reason our children have the powerful voices they do; for she herself is an extraordinary singer and director. She was a part of The New Life Singers traveling group during her college years at Hillsdale Freewill Baptist College, now known as Randall University. She started the vocal lesson course of WMA but handed that over to the girls a while back.

Tannah began violin lessons from the wife of the Fort Smith Symphony director when she was 9 years old. At the age of 12 Tannah began playing violin and singing on her church’s praise team. She then transitioned into playing the piano and leading worship as well as traveling to multiple churches to lead worship. Tannah is now a part of Poteau Covenant Church’s worship team. She has always loved music and knew early on that she wanted to make a career in music. At the age of 15, in 2010, she began teaching and “reopened” her dad’s vision of a music academy. She started with 3 students and we have now grown to having more than 70 students. Tannah currently teaches piano, violin, guitar, voice, & ukulele.

Chloe has been taking piano lessons from her grandmother and Tannah since she was 4 years old. Her story is similar to Tannah’s in that she has been on stage since she was young. She is a Worship Leader for Life.Church at their Fort Smith campus. She is married to our drum teacher, Jesse Nicholson. Chloe teaches piano & voice.

Cade Wilson is Dow & Liz’s son who is a no different than his sisters when it comes to music! He has trained under the same mentors and has started teaching in August of 2021. He also travels with Tannah to multiple churches on a monthly basis to lead worship. Cade teaches guitar.

Jesse Nicholson also grew up in music and plays the drums. He came into our lives in 2015 coming on as a temporary drummer for our worship team at the time. His temporary position soon became permanent, as we would not let him go! He soon started traveling with Chloe and Tannah as they played at different churches on a monthly basis! We then hired him on to be our drum teacher, being Cade’s teacher as well. Jesse decided to make a permanent place in the family and is now married to Chloe!

God has blessed us with such a great business and to Him be ALL the glory. We couldn’t have asked for any more of a blessing to get to invest in the lives of every student we encounter to share with them our love for music and teach them to be musicians themselves!

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