About Dow

Dow Wilson has been involved in music as far back as he can remember. The earliest memories are around the age of 6 when asked to sing I’ll Fly Away on stage at churches with his parent’s music traveling gospel group. His mother began teaching him piano around the age of 6 and struggled to make him keep it up. At the age of 15 his parents found a guitar teacher to see if he would enjoy it more, to which he did! His guitar teacher was very encouraging and helped his parents pick out the perfect guitar within the first few months of lessons. It was a Gibson ES335 that he still plays today! He has added other guitars to his collection over the years with another favorite being a Gibson Jumbo Acoustic his wife, Elizabeth, bought him for his 40th birthday. He decided to learn the bass in college and bought himself a Peavey T40 bass. While he can peck around on a piano his love is the guitar.
Dow has been a worship pastor as well as the director of worship production. He has played in several local bands as well with styles including: Sourthern Gospel, Contemporary Worship, Country, Classic Rock, Hard Rock and Classical.