Wilson Music Academy Agreement

Our mission is to instruct students in varying areas of music including: piano, violin, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, drums and voice. Our vision is to have students that develop into accomplished musicians who share their talent with the world.

Pricing for all instruments:

Piano, Ukulele, Violin, Voice, Guitar, Bass Guitar, & Drums – $125/month + Books 

*(Discounts Available – See below)

Lessons times are scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Upon enrollment, each student’s lesson slot will be scheduled to a set day and time which consist of one 30 minute lesson once a week; 4 lessons per month. Students who are late will not be held over into another student’s time. Time missed due to tardiness is simply time missed and will not be made up. Lessons will be paid monthly in advance; due at the first lesson of the month. A late fee of $5.00 per day will be added if payment is not made at the first lesson of each month. No payments for individual lessons are accepted. If the student misses their lesson for any reason, lessons will not be made up. If lessons are missed by the instructor, lessons will be made-up. Two missed lessons in a row with no notice or response to the teacher is subject to the student losing their lesson slot to a person on our waiting list.

You agree, by signing below, to give two weeks’ notice before dropping out of lessons. Failure to give proper notice two weeks before the first lesson of the month is subject to paying for a full month. If you quit within the first two weeks of the month, you still owe for the full month of lessons. If you quit the 4th week of the month you still owe for the next month’s lessons.

Holiday breaks (i.e. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring) will be indicated by your instructor at the beginning of Fall lessons. Unless informed otherwise by the instructor at that time, full month payment will be due even with lesson breaks; no money will be taken off for that month. For the Christmas and Thanksgiving holiday breaks, we will be offering a group class to make up that time. If the group class is not attended by the student, it will not be time made up or refunded. Generally, the only holidays we take off are the ones that last a week or more (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Spring Break); we generally do not take off single or partial week holidays unless notified by your teacher.

*We accept cash, check, virtual payment (Paypal or Venmo), or credit card. We offer a 20% Cash discount. A receipt will be given after payment is made every month upon request. We also offer a same-family multi-child discount starting at the 3rd student (details will be given upon request).