Music Courses

Each music course consist of four 30 minute lessons per month. Months that consist of five weeks are used for make-up lessons.
Cost of each course is $125 per month. Please refer to the Agreement section of our website for more information on our terms and conditions of lessons.
Note: Piano or Drums is highly recommended to anyone who is just staring out in music as it gives better visuals and understanding of music as a whole.


  • This course is taught by Tannah, Chloe or Rita Wilson
Each student will learn from either the Succeeding at the Piano books by Helen Marlais (for younger students), or Accelerated Piano Adventures by Nancy and Randall Faber (for older students). Each student will be learning the technique of playing as well as theory of music, which develops each student to be a musician, not just a pianist. The student will be playing all kinds of music from the classics (such as Beethoven, Hayden, Bach, Mozart, etc..) to contemporary style.


  • This course is taught by Tannah Wilson.
Violin is taught by using the Suzuki method as well as traditional style. They will first learn the technique of holding, taking care of and using their violin. We will then gradually add techniques of different rhythms to learn to control the violin bow, followed by learning songs which use the same rhythms. Note reading and music theory is later added to the method. Piano is highly recommended to anyone who is just staring out in music as it gives a better understanding and visuals of music as a whole. Violin takes a lot more dedication and consistency in practice to excel than any other instrument we offer.


  • This course is taught by Tannah or Chloe Wilson.
A couple different kinds of curriculum are used for vocals. We first focus on learning how to control the voice and how to make it stronger by using vocal warm ups. Along with learning vocal warm ups and exercises to strengthen the voice, we also work on teaching the different styles of music and how to sing them. Our focus is to teach each vocal student how to be their own voice, their own artist; there’s only one you!


  • This course is taught by Tannah Wilson
This instrument is a great beginning string instrument for those potentially wanting to learn guitar but not quite ready for all 6 strings. It is also an instrument that is very portable to use in any setting. There is so much more to learning and playing a ukulele than most people think.

Acoustic/Electric Guitar

  • This course is taught by Dow or Tannah Wilson.
The student will learn to read music notes as well as chord charts and guitar tablature. They will also learn music terminology, music appreciation and music theory. The student will learn to play single note lead licks to strumming full chords on all six strings.

Bass Guitar

  • This course is taught by Dow Wilson.
While there are some differences in bass from a 6 or 12 string guitar, the major difference is in how it is played. Bass guitar generally has only 4 strings while there are some that have as many as 8.

Our students will learn on 4 string which are the foundation strings for all bass guitars if they so choose to learn more as time goes by. Bass students will also learn how to read music notes as well as chord charts, tablature and music theory.


  • This course is taught by Jesse Nicholson

Please contact us for more information about drum lessons!

Music is very versatile a gift and skill that can be enjoyed year round. Where sports generally have a short lived ability by age, playing an instrument can be done well into very old age!